Spiral cutterhead for Thicknessers

Spiral cutterhead for Thicknessers


As cutterheads are unique to particular machines, fill out your details and the details of your machine below. More information on some of the cutterheads we stock are shown further down the page. We will get back to you with a price within 48 hours.

Looking to retrofit your wood thicknesser with a spiral cutterhead? Make sure you purchase a "true" Helix Spiral cutter to experience the real results. Woodcraft Supplies distribute a wide range spiral cutterhead for Thicknessers sold in Australia over the last 60 years!

We categorise the spiral cutterheads by "Brand", "Model Number", and "Physical" capacity ie: "Jet, JWP-15, 15" (380mm) Thicknesser". See below if your machine is on the list. If it is not, we can still look at the measurements of the machine and provide your options. 

Thicknessers ex Taiwan/China

  • 12.5" (318mm) suitcase, portable design Jet JWP-12.5, Ryobi, Woodman, Delta 22-540, 560, 580
  • 13"    (330mm) Jet PJM13 Planer/Moulder
  • 13"    (330mm) suitcase, portable design Jet-JWP13DX, Hafco T330
  • 15"    (375mm) Motors above or in cabinet stand CT38, CT381
  • 16"    (418mm) Jet, Rexon, CarbaTec
  • 20"    (508mm) CT508
  • 22" and 25" Powermatic

Thicknessers and Jointers (Made in Australia)

  • Davden 20"
  • Durden T360, T520
  • Durden P600 (Jointer) and UP10/600
  • Robinson16" Jointer
  • Woodfast T-320, TH-410
  • Woodfast 6" and 10" Jointers
  • Wolfenden Models

Brand Special Model Thicknessers

  • Barker 12"
  • Hafco T382-15" (Special)
  • Dewalt DW-733, 734, 735
  • Leda WJ-20, WJ-24
  • Leda CT508, CT508G-HD
  • Makita 2030N-300mm, 2030
  • Tanner GB-165
  • Woodman AP215, AP218, AP268