As the largest supplier of spiral and helical cutterheads in Australia, we have supplied hundreds of cutterheads to people looking to retrofit a new knife system into their existing woodworking machinery. Each day we receive incredible feedback from customers who are usually

ecstatic with the difference the helical cutterhead makes to their planer, thicknesser or combination machinery. Don't take our word for it, check out some of the wonderful testimonials and feedback we get. 

Reviews on spiral (helical) cutterheads in Australia: 

Hi Robert,
Finally a break from work and I was able to swap over the cutters. Took about 3 hours (usual interruptions) and components swapped over simply and correctly.
Results with helix cutter as expected and impressive. Noise levels dramatically reduced and bystanders nearby carrying on regular conversations, unlike previous cutter where whole workshed crew had to don ear protection and stoically endure the process.

Spotted Gum with curly grain machined beautifully and without tearout. Oregon with dead knot and curly grain also machined well.
Another insight here - From a sound wave perspective, the impact of a straight blade cutter on say hardwood creates a steep sound curve which is painful on impact with ear, however the helix cutter sound is less impacting because it is not so 'steep' or so loud. I looked around and found Youtube videos showing 100 dB to 90 db before and after. This however, is only part of the story, as the db measures 'loudness' but not the 'compression face' of the sound wave.

A great result and thankyou. 

Andy Munns


True-helix CTS spiral cutters
I have been an Industrial Arts teacher for the past 12 years and have always used a 20” thicknesser with factory fitted blades. As we all know these blades consistently need sharpening, if we do not sharpen them often the machine
struggles to cut, the timber tears out and the machine is so loud when trying to cut you could land a Jumbo Jet next to it and still hear the machine.
I had always heard about the spiral head cutters and how efficient and quiet they were. It was by accident that I was able to convert the schools machine to a true-helix CTS spiral cutter and I seriously am kicking myself I didn’t do it years ago. Students are using the machine all the time.

The cutters are efficient and have lasted 100 times longer than blades. I have not changed 1 cutter since I have had the cutter head installed 6 months ago and the machine is getting used at least once a day. I am throwing every bit of scrap timber and rough timber slabs though the machine. All the timber is machined so
well there is barely any sanding. We are using a lot of Radiata Pine, Jarrah and River Gum all timbers machine perfectly down to 3mm.
I am so impressed I am purchasing one for my DeWalt thicknesser at home.
Total waste of money sharpening blades, buy one you will not regret it.
Mark White


Our woodies club is very satisfied with the spiral head we fitted into our Jointer and I am also very pleased with the cutter I fitted into my combination machine.
I have planed timber on both machines that I would have never put near the machine with the old cutters in.
It is a pleasure to work on these machines now.
David Mitchell.


Hi Robert,
I just want to let you know how happy I am with the CTS cutter block.
It is without a doubt, a complete revelation! Accordingly, I would like to offer this testimonial for my old Durden P-600 Jointer....

I changed the bearings and reset the out feed table in the process while I had the planer apart.
To try it out I put through some Brazilian mahogany (which I use for the necks on my guitars), with quite tricky grain (see photos). The quality of finish is frankly astounding! Not a single chip out regardless of the feed direction. The other thing is how quiet it is along with no kickback! Amazing!
As some woodworking forum writers have mentioned there are faint lines visible from the staggered cutters but they are totally insignificant when compared to the ridges and chip outs left by the old 3 knife cutter block. A few quick swipes with a 240 grit sanding block and the 2 pieces were ready to be laminated.
I had always liked the adjustable nature of this old P600 along with the accuracy of the decks. However due to the very old design of my machine the process of setting the knives was a pig of a job and simply not possible to ever get 100 percent right.
What started this process of transformation was I had recently tried a new Felder machine that I simply couldn't afford but had a similar design spiral cutter block. The results were immediately impressive. That lead to a referral by the Felder Rep to give you a call about updating my existing machine.....I am very, very happy with the results.
Last but not least I think the price is an absolute bargain when viewed against the level of finish that’s able to be achieved.

Thanks again Rob,

Warm Regards,
Chris Melville


I just wanted to let you know the cutter head (Woodfast WPT-310)  arrived as expected, fitted perfectly, but I had to wait a couple of weeks to get the old pulley repaired, it had been damaged some time in the past, before I owned the machine. Now it's running I can't believe the difference in the machine, amazing transformation. The noise is the first thing that is noticed, the finish the second. But all the vibration that was the curse of the machine, especially when milling old hardwoods, has diminished to a point where it no longer bothers the thickness adjustment.
It took three years but the change was worth the wait.
Thanks again,