Spiral cutterhead for combination Planer/Thicknesser

Spiral cutterhead for combination Planer/Thicknesser


As cutterheads are unique to particular machines, fill out your details and the details of your machine below. More information on some of the cutterheads we stock are shown further down the page. We will get back to you with a price within 48 hours.


Helix Spiral Cutters retro-fitted to a combination Planer/Thicknessers gives your woodworking machine a second life. A spiral cutterhead will provide a smoother and more efficient cut on the timber, reduce the noise of your machine in action, and run longer than traditional planer knives - between sharping.

Woodcraft Supplies Australia distribute a range of spiral cutterheads for a large range of combination planer/thicknesser machines (and traditional thicknessers and planers) for machines built in the last 60 years. If we have a wide selection in stock but can also get one especially designed if your machine doesn't have the usual cutter measurements. 

We identify these machines primarily by the "Brand", "Model Number", and "Physical" capacity ie: "Jet, JWP-15, 15" (380mm) Thicknesser".

Once established, we can provide a quotation for the supply of a true helix cutter of the same physical dimensions that will fit directly into your existing Combination Wood Planer. Listed below for your selection are machines that should relate to your existing or proposed equipment.


Brand Imported Thicknessers & Jointers

  • Invicta/Delta 20", 25" Thicknessers
  • Felder 310, 410, 510
  • SCM Model Series 30, 50, S520, S63
  • Wadkin 12" Jointer
  • Wadkin 24" Thicknesser


Planer/Thicknesser (Over/under) Combinations 

  • CarbaTec 10" x 6" (260 x 150mm)
  • Casadei E-350
  • Dewalt 1150
  • Elektra Beckum HC-260M, 2600
  • Emco B20, 2000, B30
  • Felder Series 30, 410, 500
  • Hammer Series A31, 41, 51
  • Hafco PT300
  • Jet JPT-260, JPT-310, JPT-410
  • Luna L38, L69
  • Metabo (300mm)
  • Mini-Max C26, Lab 300N, Lab 350, CU 300N, FS410
  • Robland X260, X31, K31, 410, 510
  • Scheppach HC260, 2600
  • SCM Series 2000D, 2041FS, 30, 410
  • Sherwood (Timbercon) 10" x 6"
  • Woodfast WPT-310
  • Zinken ZC21


If you can not see your machine model above, please call Robert on (07) 4129 4644, fill out the form above or email rdg@bigpond.com.