5 reasons to retrofit a Spiral cutterhead to your woodworking machine

Posted by Robert Gregory on

Your favourite, quality planing machine won't wear out and with a retrofitted Spiral cutterhead enjoying decades of high-performance planing. Upgrade almost any model of Jointer, Thicknesser, or Combination (planer/thicknesser) with a spiral cutterhead to see incredible results. Here are five reasons why you should replace the traditional cutter knife with a helical or spiral cutterhead. 

1. Create more with less wastage
The Tungsten knives cit any timber and any grain allowing you total freedom to select the exact material you want to work...with no tear-out.

2. Cut production time by up to 30%
No chatter means less sanding - saving you a complete production process. The need for primary sanding is virtually eliminated.  

3. More than 10 times the life of high-speed steel
Each cutter has 4 facest, so you get 4 times the life. Tungsten cutters are far more durable than steel. 

4. Never sent knives away for sharpening
If you need replace an insert, its a 5 minute DIY job. Replacement cutters are only $9 each, a fraction of the cost of replacement or sharpening steel knives.

5. Reduced noise - work anytime you want!
With 40% less operating noise, you can work whenever and wherever you like without the worry of complaint by neighbours or concerns of workplace health and safety regulations. 

Shop the spiral cutterheads for your planer, thicknesser or combination machine.


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